Sunday, April 12, 2015

Florida to Alabama

Catching up……..

We’ve left Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, Florida.

Before we left, we got in a good paddling trip on the Withlacoochee River.

Paddling the Withlacoochee

We paddled six (6) miles round trip from Hog Island to Iron Bridge and back.  It was beautiful with the fresh green leaves on the trees reflecting in the dark river water

Spring Reflections on the Withlacoochee

and we had the river all to ourselves that day.

Also before we left Sumter Oaks, the resident pair of Sandhill Cranes were showing off their two new babies! 

Sandhill Cranes with Babies

We had wondered why we had only been seeing one adult recently, but we’ve since figured out they were taking turns feeding and sitting on the nest.  Then one day all four (4) of them were spotted in the pasture next door.  The whole RV park was ‘abuzz’ about the new babies!

The Babies!
Sandhill Crane Family 
Watching out for Babies

Sumter Oaks is also known for its resident Barred Owls.  

Barred Owls at Sumter Oaks

We heard them often, but it wasn’t until a couple of days before leaving that we were able to get really good views of them. 

Stretching a Wing

I'll Scratch Your Back, If You'll Scratch Mine

They are magnificent birds!

On the day we left Sumter Oaks, we took advantage of the Escapees Smart Weigh program.  This is where they weigh each wheel of your RV to see if your weight is evenly distributed and to be sure you are not over the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for your RV.  We are happy to report we came in comfortably under our GVW rating with the weight reasonably distributed.  YAY!!!

We headed to another Escapees park in Summerdale, Alabama.  We made a one night stop in Sopchoppy on the way and arrived at Rainbow Plantation mid-afternoon the next day. This is a very nice, quiet park with very spacious campsites and at least one nice Live Oak tree at almost every site.

Rainbow Plantation - Site 51

We needed to take care of some business at our home in Guntersville, so we left the Rambler at Rainbow Plantation and made the trip in the HHR.  While in Guntersville, we were visited by and had dinner with Loretta’s granddaughter, Jessica and daughter, Lisa.

Jessica, Loretta, and Lisa

We also had Doctor appointments (we’re healthy!), got the oil changed in the HHR (it’s healthy too!) and various other odds and ends.  After six (6) days it was time to get back to the Rambler in south Alabama and I can honestly say we missed our home on wheels and our traveling lifestyle!

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  1. Paddling on the Withlacoochee looks gorgeous (it's definitely going on our list for next winter!). And those Sandhill crane chicks are absolutely adorable. I'm so glad you're enjoying your travels -- your blog is wonderful. I'd like to sign up (because otherwise I forget to check for updates) but there doesn't seem to be a place to subscribe? Happy trails, and we hope to see you sometime soon in our travels! Laurel & Eric