Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorado Wildlife

Post by Loretta

We have been in Colorado for the past month and have enjoyed all it has to offer!  The scenery is totally amazing, the mountains majestic, and the weather is mostly perfect.

This posting is going to be primarily a photographic display of some of the wildlife we have encountered on our journey while in Colorado.  Hope you enjoy!


Adorable Fawn

Where's Mama?

These White Pelicans were doing a synchronized dance.  They were in a circle and would all go heads under, then heads up - all at the same time.  We watched for about ten minutes and they were continuing as we left.  We speculated they were catching small fish.

White Pelicans
Bottoms Up!

White Pelicans
In Colorado?!?

Heads Up!

Red Tailed Hawk

While observing these Opsrey and taking photos, only ONE baby was noticed.  However, when I downloaded the pictures, I was delighted to see TWO babies in the nest!  But you will notice, the baby is about as big as the Mama, so they are almost juveniles instead of babies.  Look carefully for the second one in the background, laying down, in the last two photos.

Mama and TWO Baby Ospreys
(Look Closely on the Left)

Osprey Eyes
Mama has yellow, baby has red

Practicing the Wing Flap

Male Ruddy Ducks have a blue bill during summer breeding season.  This was the first we had seen with a blue bill and we watched as he put on quite the display for the females.  It was totally fascinating!

Ruddy Duck with Blue Bill
(Breeding Color)

Cute Little Chipmunk?

Blue Grosbeak

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Swainson's Hawk

Gray-Headed Junco
with Insect

We have seen thousands and thousands of Coots over the years, but this is the first time we ever saw a BABY Coot.  Who would have ever thought they looked like this?!?  Isn't it just precious?

Mama and Baby Coot

Baby Coot

And for the grand finale - a most beautiful male Elk with a huge, twelve point set of velvet covered antlers.  He was in the Rocky Mountain National Park and was a gift to me for my first trip there.

Male Elk

Posing Twelve Point Male Elk
in the
Rocky Mountain National Park

These are only a few of the Colorado birds and animals we have had the privilege of seeing.  We will be sure to include more photos with future posts.

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