Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jessica Visits Washington

Post by Loretta

Basically, the only drawback to being on the road is missing family and friends. The last several months, we have been on the road without seeing family. And it has been somewhat difficult. Luckily, we recently had visits from my Granddaughter, Jessica, then a couple of weeks later, a visit from my daughter, Lisa.

We are now slowly working our way south toward Texas to spend the holidays with my other daughter and her family.  I'm so excited!

While in Bothell, Washington, just outside of Seattle, Jessica came to visit before heading back to college for the fall semester!  It was so good to see her (and hug her) and it was her first time visiting the Northwest.  There is so much to do here, we only had time to hit a few of the highlights of the area.

Like Pike's Place Market.

At Pike's Place Market

In the alley below the Farmer's Market, the walls are totally covered with chewed gum!  It's the thing to do....

Wall of Chewed Gum

Pike's Place market is a very unique place.  There are many vendors for fresh cut flowers, produce, seafood, and all kinds of clothing and trinkets. Fruits and veggies of all colors of the rainbow are offered, including many exotic varieties.

Checking out the Veggies

Fresh seafood of all kinds are available.

Mmmmm.....Lobster Tails!

Octupus, Anyone?

Jessica made a beautiful choice with her single Dinnerplate Dahlia.  It was literally the size of a dinner plate.  They grow things BIG in the Northwest!

Jessica's Selection
Dinnerplate Dahlia

We also visited a glass blowing shop, the art museum, and the ten story public library while in Seattle.

Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Blown Glass Shop

Fine Art

Mt. Rainier from Downtown Seattle

The Futuristic Space Needle

Now THAT's a Ferris Wheel!

Serious about B-B-Q

And all this was within just a few blocks!  And all in one day!  Better move along....

Another day we stumbled upon a car show happening at the Kirkland waterfront.  There were hundreds of vintage cars that had been restored to new condition and shined to the max!

Totally 50's Display

Can't Out Shine This One

The Flintstone Mobile
Where's Fred?

Moving right along....our full timing friends Eric and Laurel (www.ravenandchickadee.com) happened to be on Lopez Island, Washington, where they volunteer every year with the Junior Ranger Program.  We took the ferry over to Lopez Island to meet them for a day trip and did a quick tour of the island and a hike out to a scenic view of the surrounding islands. It was good to see them and we had a fun day!

All Aboard the Elwha Ferry
Lopez Island

Welcome to Lopez Island

Eric and Laurel

Hiking to the Sea
Eric, Laurel, Henry, and Jessica

I'm Going No Further!

I Think She Likes
Fresh Ocean Air

No trip to the Pacific Northwest is compete without visiting Mt. Rainier.  Many travel here and never get to see the splendor of the grand mountain due to weather conditions.  We were lucky to be there on a perfectly clear summer day with plenty of wildflowers still in bloom.

Mt. Rainier

Jessica in Paradise

And here is her expression when she sees the mountain! You can see it in photos, you can hear people talk about it, but until you have SEEN it in person, you cannot imagine its magnificence!

I Can't Believe My Eyes!

A little trek up the trail...

Admiring the Wildflowers

Happiness by Mt. Rainier

Jessica and Loretta (Manna)
Taking a Break

We were out of cell range (no phone service), and Jessica seemed to enjoy this day the best. She was practically running up the trail! Half way through our hike, we kept hearing weird whistles and noises as we paused to catch our breath.  A few steps further, we discovered where the sounds were coming from. I never knew that marmots whistled!

Whistling Marmot 

A Portrait Shot

Our final stop was at Reflection Lake, which is so aptly named and totally peaceful.

Reflection Lake
Mt. Rainier

A few days after Jessica left us in Washington, she turned twenty-one (21) years old. I hope this will be a trip she will remember fondly for the rest of her life, and that there are many more to come.

My Darling Granddaughter


  1. What a wonderful visit you had with Jessica! Your photos of her are wonderful—I'm sure that was a trip she'll remember forever. We were so happy you guys came to see us on Lopez. :-))

    1. Laurel, It was so good to spend some time with her and visiting you guys on Lopez Island was an added bonus! Such a beautiful place!

  2. What an amazing trip! I hope to visit next time your on the West coast.