Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yahoo Rambler 2017 Update

We interrupt this blog to bring you a news flash!

Today, nothing happened.
Yesterday, nothing happened.
These past few weeks, nothing happened.

Well, in reality not much has happened.

Right after the holidays we left the Rambler parked in Texas and drove back to our house in Alabama to get some ‘stuff’ done.

Stuff like Doctors appointments.
Like taking care of some things around the house.
Like visiting friends and family.
Like eating at some of our favorite restaurants. (Henry’s Louisiana Grill!! Yummy Link)

Like I said, STUFF.

Nothing too exciting to write a blog post about but we wanted to keep you up to date and let you know we’ll be resuming our life on the road shortly.



  1. Haha, sometimes it's good to NOT have too much happening! Just sayin'.....

    1. We know YOU guys have had plenty going on. We've been sending positive thoughts your way. Our 2017 has been pretty mellow so far but we are looking forward to getting back on the road soon!