Monday, April 24, 2017

Florida Mountains

Post by Henry

We've left Texas behind and currently have a view out our window of the Florida mountains.

Florida Mountains

Say what?
Florida doesn't have mountains you say?
That's correct.
The highest point in the state of Florida is 345 feet and the highest point in the Florida Mountains is 7,295 feet and they are located in New Mexico.

And that's where we are. Deming, New Mexico to be exact. Back in the mountain time zone, land of low humidity and big time winds. It's ALWAYS windy here.

Check out this five (5) day forecast:

Yep, it's windy alright

Nearby is Rockhound State Park in the Florida Mountains and we've done some exploring there. The weather was beautiful, the scenery spectacular, and even though it was the weekend, we nearly had the place to ourselves.

Welcome to Rockhound State Park

This Place is Rock'in

Visitor Center

The first thing we saw was a hawk sitting on a post, being patient with us observing him nearby. It wasn't until his patience ran out and he flew away that we realized he had a snake in his talons he'd been snacking on.

We didn't even notice the Snake

I'm Outta Here

The highlight of the day was a hike out to Lovers Leap. Only a mile hike out to the Leap, but it was nonstop uphill, gaining 800+ feet elevation along the way.

Phew..........We've come a LONG way up!

We didn't see any evidence of Lovers that had leaped, but the 360 degree view at the top was gorgeous.

I can see for Miles and Miles and Miles..............

I'm gonna take a Break and Enjoy the View

After the hike we pulled out our chairs and just kicked back enjoying our peaceful surroundings.

So Peaceful...........

Nearby was a ???????? plant with yellow flowers that we were getting oh-so-sweet whiffs of with the breeze.

Not sure what is was but it smelled GREAT!

On the ground we watched a New Mexico Whiptail Lizard going about his business.

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

With the bird calls on our phone app, we lured out a Black Throated Sparrow to within a few feet of us, looking desperately around for the bird of his dreams he had heard.

Where is She?

Who needs television?
This is our kind of reality show!

Check out more of the sights in and around the Florida Mountains:

Desert Bunny


Great Scenery
Purple Haze

We won't be taking the Rambler down this road

Going Down

Scaled Quail


  1. We always enjoy Rockhound State Park. We've done that beautiful hike up to Lover's Leap, too. Cool photo of the hawk with the snake! Did you collect any rocks? :-)

    1. Nope, didn't figure we needed to be hauling around rocks in the RV. All we brought back with us was photos and memories.