Sunday, January 4, 2015

About the Holiday Rambler

After years of backpacking and tent camping, then a year or so of ‘Scamping’ in our 13 foot Scamp trailer, we got bit by the bug.  RVing bug, that is.

We attended an RV show and wandered through about twenty-five (25) different rigs, taking note of the things we liked and the various qualities of the build and materials.   We traveled to many RV sales lots and toured the used RVs.  Most of the used RVs had lingering odors – pew! 

We also did extensive research online to determine what type of RV suited us the best, and we settled on a motorhome.  We did not have a large truck to haul a fifth wheel or trailer, and we did not want to purchase one.  We reasoned that a small vehicle (toad) would serve us best and would be less expensive to operate.  Once we arrive at our destination, we could unhook the toad (RV talk for towed vehicle) and use it for our everyday transportation. 

Searching on Craigslist, Henry found an ad for a Holiday Rambler motorhome that was close by.  We went to look at it and immediately fell in love!  It was like new, had low miles, and had been well maintained.  It appeared to be well built and we liked the size and layout.  So we became the owners of a 2005 Holiday Rambler Admiral SE!

The Rambler is 30 feet, has a gas-powered, V-10 engine, an Onan generator, two slide outs, a queen sized bed, a microwave/convection oven combination, large basement storage bins, and adequate inside storage. One of the best advantages is the better-than-average carrying capacity – around 3,000 pounds.  Our only wish is that the kitchen had more countertop space, but we are going to make it work.   

The past few years, we have taken the Rambler on numerous trips, mostly local.  We learned something new about it each time we camped.  We now feel comfortable with all operations and are still very happy with our choice of coach.

One week until our launch!  Happy Dance!


  1. We are so excited for you two! It is so ironic how we ended up buying a house from two people who are about to be "Living the Dream" as David and I like to say! Not only do we have the perfect coaches for our future adventures, the house you are selling us, once sold, will enable us to start " Living the Dream" ourselves!! Love you guys

  2. Great Blog btw! Don't forget to post " The Things We Learned the Hard Way" so we don't have to. Lol

  3. Bonnie, you will be "Living the Dream" before you know it! And I am sure there will be some things learned the hard way to blog about. A couple of things already come to mind....