Sunday, January 11, 2015

Launch Day!

Since our last post, we have been frantically finishing up some last details in preparation for our departure.  Loading the Rambler with all our belongings that we plan to take with us has been ongoing. 

Another exciting thing is that we now have a contract on our house!  We attempted to sell by owner for about a month, but that did not produce the results we had hoped.  So we listed it with an agent and have a contract in hand three weeks later.  Perfect timing – two days before leaving!  Fortunately, everything can be completed online.

Saturday morning, in 17 degree weather, we loaded the remaining items and our food.  Henry loaded our kayaks and bikes, we gassed up, hooked up the HHR (toad) and hit the road! 

 This first day was spent driving.  In anticipation of leaving the cold weather behind, we drove all the way to Florida to the cute little town of Sopchoppy.  Sopchoppy is south of Tallahassee.  We have visited here before and discovered a nice little city owned campground right by the Sopchoppy River.  And this is where we plan to spend the next couple of days.


  1. Looks like a nice place, we will be writing down your destinations to see if we might like to visit some of them when we get on the road!

  2. It is a nice campground! You might check out the most recent post for more info. I recommend!